People stay out of browsing with their glo sim,but now glo has change to good now feel the free browsing speed on your phone,laptopand any other browsing device.
To enjoy this stuff make sure you are on glo infinito.To change to glo infinito dial *100*9*1#
Follow these few steps and you gain your goal.
Just make sure you request for the Glo
default settings on your phone before
you can browse free.
To request for the Settings, Go to
Message & Type the Manufacture of your
Phone e.g nokia [space] Phone Model then send it to
927 e.g Nokia 5230 to 927.
You will Receive two different Settings
from them, Just Activate the Glo Direct
Settings on your Phone.
Now just load #100 Recharge Card
to your Phone,and that is all.
Now you can Start browsing, Your
money will not be deducted for any
reason, It works wella on all
application & even if you remove the sim to your modem,it will also work.

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kazeem said...

Glo with pride.

Habeeb said...

Kazeem, using a laptop how does it work, recharge nd plug d modem?

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