verified paypal.ho do i get paypal account
 Do you stay in a country where you can't make online payment through pay pal because u country is not allow into it's program?
I also is a victim that i can't make online payment through paypal.Gurus has being trying to have a solution to this paypal account problem.Gurus has come out with different ways on how do you get paypal account in your banned country,but most of these solutions get your account being limited,Which means when limitation are placed on your account,you will only be able to received money but not able to pay,transfer and withdraw from your paypal accounts.

 But with  what you are reading,you can get paypal account without your accounts being limited.With paypal accounts,there are several online store i do shop,because as at now paypal account is the most acceptable online payment account which u can use to pay anywhere,so if your country is banned from getting paypal service,is a big problem for you to participate in online business that only pay with paypal. I did use this method to get my pay pal accounts,and you can get yours with the method.
First and foremost,you have to get virtual paypal allowed country address,phone number
  • How do i get virtual address: 
It's free and easy to get,just log on to fakenamegenerator to get yours,follow the set up and you will be provided with a address,state,
zip code and
phone number.

When selecting the country you want to use,let it be a country which has no problem with paypal accounts.South Africa as an example is not allowed to receive money but can send money so check that out google it.Just make sure you know the country very well before choosing.As for me i selected China.

Secondly,you have to get an ip changer so paypal won't detect exact country you are accessing your account from.
  • How do i get my ip changed:
 You have to use any VPN Virtual Private Network service to get your ip changed.There are various companies that offer this service, but I do recommend you
They accept Liberty Reserve as their payment method.The service is not free,long on to or and see yourself what they charge,The good part of it is that,you don't need to be paying every month but the month you need them.
When you purchase the service,you will be given a vpn software,so download and install.
  • Always open the vpn software before you access your paypal accounts.   
 Now you have to logon to paypal and start your registration.Now you have created a paypal account.

What next is to:
verify your account
You should verify it by linking your credit card,you have to get a virtual credit from,register with the address you used in openning your paypal account which you generated from fakenamegenerator ,fund your liberty reserve account with $10-$15 will need that money to verify your virtual credit card because the service is not free.When you get to site,select virtual cc for paypal verification.All what you will need will be given to you.Now login to your paypal account and click on get verified link,then link and confirm your credit card,input your credit card details which will have been provided for you,then click save and continue.

 Paypal will tell you to get a code so you have to get back to virtual cc website,enter your credit card number in the space provided on their website.You will receive a message that you will be alerted when your expuse number is ready you have to be checking your email for that,when received a message telling you your expuse number is ready,login to virtual-cc website and enter your credit card number in the place should see four digit verification login into your paypal account and click on confirm your credit card and enter that four digit number and you will see your account been verified.
This is how i get my verified paypal account,and you too can do so.To fund you paypal account check this how i do fund my paypal accounts and how i do withdraw from my paypal account.

Now you can pay for any online payment with your paypal safe if you follow what's above.


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