2 Best Methods I Do Blog On My Mobile Phone.

This most be interesting to those who want to be blogging without computer.You can blog with your phone with any of these methods listed below:

1.Blogging By MailToBlogger:

This is done by sending mail to blogger,with which your mail subject will be the blog title,and the mail body will be the blog post and an attarched image will be the blog image.

The MailToBlogger Setup.

1.Login to your blogger dashboard.
2.Click on settings and scroll to Email& Mobile.
3.Scroll down to Email Posting Address and insert any secretwords you wish then save.
4.So the email you will be sending your mail to will be username.secretwords@blogger.com.
5.Make sure you end your message with # to avoid some customized text usually appear on your blog by them.

2.The second method is what i call copy and past:

Why do i call it copy and past?.
This just because i write my blog post in my phone note and i copy and past it to my blog by using my ucweb browser to publish it,and i prefer this.

Why do i prefer the second one to the first one:
1.You can manage the position of your inserted image by using html image tag.
2.It doesn't required your phone to be connected when you are writing the note unless when you want to publish it.


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