How to share pc connection to other wireless devices and browse free on them

I recently made a post on mtn-mifiwhich was released by mtn some time back.With this mtn-mifi,you can share connection between your pc and your other wireless enable devices,so you can browse free on other devices.This mtn-mifi is so cost so i come-up with this alternative which won't cost you a peny.

There's a software so called
Connectify,this connectify can serve exactly as mtn-mifi do or even more,because over six devices can connect to it while that of mtn-mifi can't.
Thanks to connectify

of that great free features.Now all you have to do is to do is to google it and download the connectify and start enjoying this feature.It doesn't require much settings
Hostpot Name:the name your pc appear on.
You can also password it,so other people won't connect to your pc anyhow exept with your authority.Once your pc is browsing(either free or subscription) you can then browse free on other devices.


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