How Many Times Should Your Targeted Keyword Appears On Your Blog Post/Site Page

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 This post will be showing how many times is best for the occurrence of a Targeted Keyword  in your blog post/site page,this really means a lot when google positions your blog post when the keyword searcher search for that keyword in the Search Engine,i think you know what it means when your blog post appear in the First Page in Search Engine.
  • What Is Keyword Density:The number of times your keyword appear on your blog is known as Keyword Density.
  Good keyword density is a factor in factors Google consider to show your blog post at the first page of Search Engine Result.So if your keyword density(number of keyword occurrence)  is low,then Google will look down of your blog post and may not appear at the first page in Search Engine Result except when is not much competitive,and when it's too much on your blog post,Search engine may think you are making spam of it and may be marked spammer.
 So let your keywords be 4%-7% of your blog post,don't let it below 4%,so u can rank well in search engine,and not above 7%,so search engine won't mark the post as spam.  
 If the total number of your blog post is 100 and your targeted keyword appears 4 times,then your blog keyword density is 4%.
 Do this and other Search Engine Optimization and you will be seeing your blog posts in the first page in the search engine.


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